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Coastal plantations mainly with SiMHerafifl fluids have been established by the Forest
Department on the newly accreted lands in the coastline of Bangladesh since 19*65-66, An
underplanting trial of 11 mangrove species was conducted in the existing S. ajritila plantations
along the western coastline [Patuakhali and Bhda) to assess the site-suitability and growth
performance of these species. Sun ival, height and diameter growth data from 16-21 years old
experimental stands of these species were analyzed. The highest survival was found in
EYCurrmu agallodin (62% and 59%) followed bv fiws (51% and 39%) and Xj/lucujpj(s
wAorigeusrf; (48% and 26%) among the I rec species at Rangaba 11 island of Patuakhali and Char
Kukri-Mukri island of Bhcla district. Among the shrub and palm species, the highest survival
was found in twruridu/mw (63%) followed bv fVwju.T ptiudtWJ (58%) and Nyjw
fndieain (4Q%) at Rangabali and the highest survival in P. p/dtithmti (71%) followed be N.
fnitnnus (56%) and A. cornkwtaftmj (46%) at Char Kukri-Mukri. The mean maximum height
growth was observed in E. (9.31 m and 9.29 m) followed by X. Miefcoji^usjs (6.84 m and
6.84 m) and H. Jews (6.19 tn and 5.65 m) in both Ute areas. The mean maximum diameter
growth was also observed in F. flrgnPoc/ifT (9.83 cm and 9.49 cm) followed by X, JMcAragrtisrs (7,97
cm and 7.34 cm) and (5,87cm and 5,34 cm) in bold Ihe nreas. Among the shrub and
palm species, A. curwkwMfwwr, P. pultidier and N. fridtmrs showed good height growth
performance in both die study areas, Therefore, these promising mangrove species (E. rtgiTifodm,
IE follies, X. luekiut^Hsis, A. amtfoulaiittH, P. pithkfcsw and M/hrfk’ims) may be suitable for raising
second rotation crops inside S. tqvtaJa plantations for sustainable management of coastal


Keora (SonneratiaapetalaBuch.-Ham.faccourds
for almost 95% of the successful mangrove plantations
in the coastal areas of Bangladesh (RIMS
1997). In Chittagong coast, it constitutes 22% of the
plantations. It is not much commercially valuable
species. Moreover, the plantations are severely
infested by a beehole borer, Zeuzera conferta (Baksha
1996). Replacement of S. apetala preferably by
more valuable species that appear at later stages of
succession is needed to ensure sustainability of
the plantations. With this in view, underplanting
trial in the established S. apetala plantations with
different mangrove species was initiated. An interim
report (Siddiqi et al. 1992) shows success and
suitability of underplanting in western coastline

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