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Retraction and Withdrawal Policy

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Retraction and Withdrawal Policy

The Bangladesh Journal of Forest Science (BJFS) is committed to maintaining the integrity and credibility of the research we publish. This Retraction and Withdrawal Policy outlines the procedures and criteria for retracting or withdrawing articles from our journal.

Article Retraction

Retraction is an action taken when a published article is found to contain significant errors, inaccuracies, or ethical misconduct that affect the validity of the research or its conclusions. BJFS follows a transparent and diligent process for article retractions:

  1. Identification: The need for retraction may arise due to errors, inconsistencies, authorship disputes, ethical concerns, or other factors brought to our attention by authors, readers, or the editorial team.
  2. Investigation: Upon receiving concerns, the editorial team initiates an investigation. If a substantial issue is identified, the author(s) and relevant parties are informed and provided with an opportunity to respond.
  3. Retraction Decision: The editorial team, in consultation with experts if needed, makes an informed decision about whether to retract the article. Retraction may be considered if errors, misconduct, or inaccuracies significantly impact the validity of the research.
  4. Retraction Notice: If a retraction decision is made, a formal retraction notice is issued. This notice transparently explains the reasons for retraction and is linked to the original article.

Article Withdrawal

Article withdrawal may occur when authors request the removal of their submitted or published manuscript due to legitimate reasons, such as identifying errors prior to publication or resolving authorship disputes. BJFS follows a clear protocol for article withdrawals:

  1. Author Request: Authors who wish to withdraw their manuscript must submit a formal request to the editorial team, explaining the reasons for withdrawal.
  2. Editorial Review: The editorial team reviews the withdrawal request and assesses its validity. If the request is valid, the manuscript is withdrawn.
  3. Withdrawal Notice: A formal withdrawal notice is issued, indicating the reasons for withdrawal and clarifying the status of the manuscript.

Responsibilities and Transparency

BJFS is committed to transparency throughout the retraction and withdrawal process. We provide clear explanations for our decisions and maintain open communication with authors, readers, and the academic community.

Contact Us

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We uphold the highest ethical standards in scholarly publishing and are dedicated to maintaining the credibility of the research we publish.