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The effect of nailing density in agar formation through artificial wounding was
observed in agar trees. Five different nailing densities like; 1 cm x 1 cm, 2 cm x 2 cm, 3
cm x 3 cm, 4 cm x 4 cm and 5 cm x 5 cm were used as treatments in 25 selected agar
trees in three locations with the five experimental sites, Boroduara (Chittagong),
Fashiakhali (Cox’s Bazar), Bagaihat (Rangamati), Bagmara and Lathitila (Moulvibazar).
The age of the treated agar trees were 8,10 and 15 years respectively. The experiment
was conducted in June 2008 and agar wood core samples were
of the nailing treatments. Among the different densities, 4 cm x 4 cm nailing distance
was found to be the best nailing density for maximum agar formation. On an average,
95 ?o oleoresin deposit was found in 15 years old agar tree.

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