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Teli garjan (Dipterocarpus turbinatus), dhakijam (Sygyzium grande) and teak (Tectona
grandis) are the three most important timber species included in the plantation
programme in Bangladesh. Sometimes, trees are being removed without recording
the diameter at breast height (dbh) and total height. As such it is not possible to
estimate the volumes of the removed trees. But, it is necessary to have an estimate of
volumes of the removed trees for different purposes. The stump diameters can be
measured while the stumps are still there after removal of the trees. Therefore, stump
diameter and dbh relationships have been established in the present paper so that we
can estimate the dbh of removed trees first followed by estimation of the volumes
using the.dbh volume relationships. It was identified that some mistakes were done
in converting the previously selected imperial volume equations to metric units for the
species teli garjan and dhakijam. These equations and tables have also been corrected.

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