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The strength and seasoning properties of timber species, Swietenia macrophylla King were studied. 5.
macrophylla is found moderately strong. The volumetric shrinkage is higher and the specific gravity is
lower than that of Chittagong teak which was recommended as standard for comparison of other timber
species of Bangladesh. The species can be seasoned properly in the solar kiln and in air-drying yard. The
species is found suitable for making furniture and other household articles as far as Seasoning and strength
properties are concerned


A seasoning schedule was developed for different thicknesses of ghora-neem [Melia sempervirens (L.)
AIL] wood. The seasoning time of 2.5 cm thickness of sawn wood required 9-10 days to attain 16% moisture
content in solar kiln and 22-23 days in air dry conditions, respectively. On the other hand, for thickness 4.0
cm and 5.0 cm sawn wood required 12-13 days and 16-17 days in solar kiln and 27-28 days and 31-32 days
in air dry conditions, respectively. Moisture content decreased with increase in time duration

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