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This study was conducted to examine the effects of post-severance treatments
like leaf area of cuttings and auxin treatment on rooting of cuttings and growth of
rooted cuttings. One or two-node cuttings of sissoo, Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. with 20 or
50% leaf area were collected from managed stock plants and rooted in a non-mist
propagator following treatment with 0 or 0.2% indole-3 – butyric acid (IBA) solution.
The rooted cuttings were transferred to polythene pots and grown in a nursery for 10
weeks. Rooting percentages of cuttings were not significantly influenced by IBA
treatment or cutting size, but were significantly enhanced with the increased leaf area.
Effects of leaf area and IBA on root development of cuttings in the propagator were
manifested on the grow th of stecklings in the nursery. The increased leaf area and IBA
treatment significantly enhanced the growth of stecklings. Cuttings with 50% leaf
area plus 0.2% IBA was the best treatment to produce the best performing stecklings

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