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A study was conducted on the socio-economic upliftment ofthe rural poor women
in Pomra Community Forestry Project (CFP) ofRangunia, Chittagong compared to those in
the adjacent Non-CFP areas. Thirty sample families from each group reveal that the women
populations are same (45%) in both the areas. Women who can read and write in the CFP
and Non-CFP areas have been found to be 66% and 37% respectively. About 29% and 35%
female workforce have been found in these two areas with 1.7 and 2.1 women per family. It
has been found that 53% and 20% women are conscious about health while 70% and 53%
women found to be liberal to talk or meet visitors orstrangersin the CFP and Non-CFP areas
respectively. The average annual income per family have been found to be Tk. 20,640/- in
CFP and Tk. 3,608/-in Non-CFP areas where the contribution of female workforce are
Tk. 8,997/- and Tk. 1,647/- respectively.

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