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This paper discusses the effect of relative humidity during storage on seed
longevity and sowing depth on germination of Prosopsis africana (Guill and Perr.)
Taub seeds. Freshly collected and two-years old seeds were used for this experiment.
Six levels of relative humidity (RH) values ranging from 22 and 100% were
obtained by using water and saturated solutions of some chemicals in closed
chambers at a temperature of 28 – 30°C. Sundrying did not change the initial
moisture contents of fresh seed, while RH of 0 – 22% and 72.5 – 100% degraded the
seeds resulting in a rapid loss of viability. Complete loss of viability occurred within
18-21 months at low RH regimes and 9-15 months at high RH regimes. Germination
and emergence of seedlings were significantly favoured when seeds were sown at
a sowing depth range of 2.6 cm.

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