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A study was conducted on the preservative treatment of Acacia mangium poles to determine the
treatment schedule for out door use. The poles contained 52.27% sapwood which is generally perishable by
wood destroying organisms. In this study, 27 poles were treated with 10% CCB (Copper-Chrome-Boron)
aqueous solution by Lowry empty-cell process. Three different pressure and three time periods were
applied to evaluate the depth of penetration and amount of retention of the preservative chemicals. It was
observed that preservative chemicals penetrated the entire sapwood portion ofthe poles which is the main
criteria for the protection of poles. But, a little bit increase was observed in penetration with the increasing
pressure and time period. Although, the retention of the preservatives was found to increase significantly
with the increasing pressure and time. The highest retention of22.98 kg/m3 and full penetration ofsapwood
was observed at 1.04 N/mm2 pressure for three hours. It is expected that the applied preservative with the
treating schedule can

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