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The paper compares the economic performance of Eucalyptus camaldulensis
plantations of different ages. The price ofsawn timber per cubic metre was found
to be Tk. 4,076 to 8,828 (1 USS = 48.71 Tk.). The fuelwood was usually sold at a price
ranging from Tk. 915 to 1,677 per ton. The staking, felling and logging costs were
Tk. 864, 686 and 1,431 per hectare respectively. The IRRs were 22.87, 20.66,20.57,
39.13, 27.58, 12.67 and 59.81% for Dinajpur (rural Charkai), Dinajpur (urban
Charkai),Sylhet(Chawtali), Sylhet(Lawachara),Tangail(Charaljani), Mymemsingh
(Santoshpur) and Cox’s Bazar (Chainda) respectively at 10 years rotations. For
Dinajpur and Tangail, the NPVs were found to be negative for the 5th, 6th and
7th rotation ages

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