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Lotkon defoliator, Cyclosia papilionaris Drury (Zygaenidae:Lepidoptera) is a major
insect pest of lotkon (Baccaurea ramiflora Lour.) in Bangladesh. The larva feeds on young
leaves and cause defoliation seriously affecting the growth of the tree. Description,
distribution, nature and impact of damage, host plants, life stages, number of
generation, seasonal abundance and management of the pest has been described. The
peak infestation occurred during July and August. The incidence is more acute in the
hilly areas than in the plains. The pest could be controlled by the foliar application of
malathion (Malathion 57 EC) at 0.1% concentration.


The beetle, Podontia qiiatuordecinipunctata Linn. (Chrysomelidae : Coleoptera) is a
major defoliator of amra (Spondias pinnata (L. f.) Kurz and S. dnlcis Forst, f.) in
Bangladesh. Besides Spondias spp., the pest also attacks Ficus elastica Roxb. and
Duabanga grand iflora (Roxb. ex DC) Walp. Both the adult and the larva cause partial or
complete defoliation affecting the growth of the plant seriously. The peak infestation
period occurred during August and September. Younger trees are most heavily
attacked. The incidence is more pronounced in the hilly areas than in the plains. The
pest was controlled by foliar application of cypermethrin (Ripcord 10 EC) @ 12 ml/10
litres of water.


Gamar defoliator, Calopepla leayana Latr. (Chrysomelidae : Coleoptera) is a major
defoliator of gamar (Gnielina arborea RoxbJ in Bangladesh. Both the larva and the adult
feed on the leaves making irregular holes on them. The distribution, description and
biology of various developmental stages of the pest are provided. The pest has three
generations in a year, hibernating as an adult from November to May. A common pupal
parasite, Brachymeria sp. and an egg parasite, Tetrasticlnis sp. were recorded. Biological,
chemical, physical and mechanical method for the control of the pest have been

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