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Propagation and conservation by vegetative means were attempted for better preservation of true-to-type genetic characteristics with higher yield planting materials of Acacia hybrid. In this regard, in vitro micro propagation of Acacia hybrid through shoot tip culture was initiated from outdoor mature plant on MS basal medium supplemented with 1.0 mg/L BAP. The shoot tip cultures produced axillary shoot bud and used for multiple shoot production. The multiple shoot production rate was optimized on MS medium supplemented with different concentrations of cytokinins. The highest number (20) of multiple shoots per culture was recorded on MS medium augmented with 2.0 mg/L BAP after 8 weeks of culture. The rooting was initiated on Yi MS medium enriched with different concentrations of IBA. The best rooting rate 90% was obtained on medium having 2.0 mg/L IBA after 28 days of culture. The well-developed rooted plantlets were transferred to in vivo condition for further growth and acclimatization. More than 95% of transplanted plantlets survived and grew well in polybag under natural condition.

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