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Banspata (Podocarpus nerifolius) is endangered and the only indigenous naturally grown
gymnosperm species in Bangladesh. It is difficult to propagate largely through seed due to its
scarcity in natural forests. Current study shows that macro-clonal propagation technique can be a
tool for raising its propagules for commercial plantation as well as establishment of seed source.
Two types of cutting viz. young green leafy and woody non-leafy cuttings were treated with 300,
500 and 1000 ppm of IBA. In young green leafy cuttings 300 and 500 ppm of IBA treatment
showed better performance in terms of rooting percentage, root development and growth. But, in
woody non-leafy cuttings 500 and 1000 ppm of IBA treatment showed good rooting percentage as
well as root development and growth.

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