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Naturally crossed hybrids ofAcacia mangium x Acacia auriculiformis are found in the A.
auriculiformis and A. mangium plantations of Bangladesh. During 1995 superior hybrid Acacia
trees were selected and propagated by using shoot cuttings for establishing a hedge orchard.
Coppice shoots sprouted from this hedge orchard plants were used as stem cuttings for rooting
trials, and successful cuttings from different clones provided planting materials for clonal trial
experiments. There were highly significant differences between cuttings taken from different
zones of the shoot (cutting types) and hormone treatments in the number of successful cuttings
and number of roots produced per rooted cuttings. Tip cuttings (2 noded) rooted 71.5% and
produced 3.7 roots per rooted cutting when treated with 500 ppm IBA. Similarly, 3rd node cutting
also rooted 80.0% and produced 4.1 roots per rooted cutting under the same treatment. A slight
decrease in rooting success (55.5%) and number of roots (3.2) per rooted cutting were recorded in
4th node cuttings under the same treatment. But percentage of rooting success and number of
roots per rooted cuttings were not increased in the above mentioned three types of cuttings when
treated with higher concentration (1000 ppm or 1500 ppm) of IBA. When a higher concentration
of IBA (1000 ppm) was used in treating 5th node cutting better (50.0%) rooting success and
number of roots (3.3) per rooted cutting were observed. In respect to rooting success and number
of roots produced per rooted cutting the variation between the cuttings of different zone of the
shoot (cutting type) and hormone treatment was highly significant. There were significant
differences between clones in height growth. The highest and lowest height growth were recorded
in clone 2 (87.21cm) and in clone 13 (38.5cm) respectively.

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