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The paper deals with seed germination and seedlings growth performance of Calamus erectus in the nursery and field conditions. Clean seeds were sown in the seed bed filled with soil and decomposed cow dung at 3sl ratio. Seeds started germination after 52 days of sowing and completed within 76 days with maximum 78% germination. The survival performance of the seedlings was determined by transferring the seedlings from germination bed to the polybags from 10-80 days after germination with 10 days interval. Optimum survival (100%) was found significant (p<0.05) transferring after 30-40 days of germination from seedbed to polybag. Plantation in the field was made with one year old seedling at 2.0 m x 2.0 m spacing. Average seedlings survival was 94% after one year of plantation in the field. Mean seedling height was recorded 94.6 cm after two years of planting. Survival of seedlings and growth performance in the field were satisfactory when one year old seedlings were out-planted. Clean or decoated seeds for nursery raising and one year old seedlings were found suitable for successful plantation raising of Calamus erectus.

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