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In this paper the anatomical properties and extractive content of four traditionally
used wood species, viz. itchri (Anogeisus acuminata Wall.), kochoi (Bridelia retusa
Spreng.), sil-bhadi (Garuga pinnatn Roxb.), and goda (Vitex pedunciilarlis Wall.), of
Bandarban Hill District in Bangladesh have been studied. All the wood species under
the study have tyloses with narrow lumens. The extractive content of the sapwood of
the species varies from 4.16 to 6.89 percent in cold water. The highest percentage was
in itchri (6.89%) followed by goda (6.65%) and 5.9% in kochoi and lowest in sil-bhadi.
The hot water extractive content varies from 6.88 to 8.76 percent with highest percent in
itchri (8.76) followed by sil-bhadi (8.08), goda (8.02) and 6.88 in kochoi. The heartwood
extractives in cold water were 7.21% in goda followed by 7.12, 6.43 and 6.15% in itchri,
kochoi and sil-bhadi respectively. The hot water extractive content was higher in itchri
(9.84%), followed by 8.97% in sil-bhadi, 8.7% in goda and 7.75% in kochoi. Both
anatomical properties and extractives contents are
durability of these species

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