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Aire indica L is an important commercial medicinal phnf and cultivated in
the Northern part of Bangladesh, in 2004, a severe leaf spot disease was found in the four
months’ old plantations of Aire iiidim. The svmptom of tile disease was recorded and the causal
organisms were identified. Four types of fungi namely Cflt/iMwiHS Itmdbts Nelson jfc Haasis,
PenirrifiJUH sp., Aspergillus sp. and Firsurinffi &p, were isolated from the infected leaves of A.
Onlv C. iunalus fungus was isolated from the healthy leaves. Out of these, C. hrnjtfus was
frequently found io be? responsible for the disease. Tie pathogenicity test was conducted, and
the association of the fungus with the disease was confirmed. Ihree types of fungicides
Sunvit, Dithane M- 45 and Aimcozim each ” 2gm/l water was applied against the disease.
Pithane M-45 gave the best result among three fungieidcs

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