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Artocarpus chanta Bmich, Ham. ex Wall. (Chapalish) is a large, deciduous indigenous forest tree species grown in natural forests. The seed of Chapalish is recalcitrant and loses viability within a few days of maturity that makes problem in storage of the seeds. Optimum storage conditions found useful for prolonging the viability of recalcitrant seeds through preventing water loss. The study was taken to identify the suitable storage methods in order to prolong the seed viability of A. chanta. Nmsery trial was conducted at the National Forest Seed Centre, Seed Orchard Division, Bangladesh Forest Research Institute to evaluate the effects of storage conditions and duration on germination of chapalish seeds. Seeds were stored in five different storage media, viz. i) open room (control), ii) sand, lii) chalk powder, iv) ash and v) sawdust with 8 different storage periods (days), viz. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 days. The effects of storage media and storage periods (days) were assessed through seed germination and seedling growth performance. Viability and seedling growth performance were significantly (p<0.05) influenced by storage media, storage periods and their interactions. The results revealed that chalk powder media exhibited significantly higher germination percentage, root length, shoot length and vigor index. It also revealed that it can prolong the viability of Chapalish seeds up to 40 days with 60% germination and was statistically significant at 5% level. The findings may be useful to nursery practioners, foresters, and private plant growers for Chapalish seeds. The storage condition is convenient, low-cost and easily applicable to all nursery owners.

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