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The growth periodicity of clum and rhizome in Melocanna baccifera
clumps were studied. The culm emergence is maximum in July to midSeptember. It was observed that everyday only the middle internode of a
developing culm elongated maximum and moved gradually in successive
order from the base to the tip of the culm. The lower internodes rarely
elongated. The movement and elongation ofrhizome neck in the clump seemed
to take place either slowly or actively throughout the year irrespective of
seasonal variation. The culm emergence and rhizome neck development took
place simultaneously. The growth periodicity of underground rhizome system
and culm on the ground was found to be interrelated and seemed to be
alternating with each other. Periodicity for culm emergence and rhizome neck
development in M. baccifera was influenced by both soil and air temperature
and ambient moisture condition

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