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The Dhanmondi Lake Aiea (DLA), Dhaka possesses an overview performance for being an ideal site for bird’s habitat because of its landscape, planted vegetation coverage, old trees and wetland. A study on the avian species diversity, richness and abundance, status, and seasonal variation was conducted from July 2019 to June 2021 in the green space of Dhanmondi Lake Aiea, Dhaka, Bangladesh. A total 57 species of avian fauna belonging to 12 orders, 27 families and 43 genera were recorded during the study period. Among the bird species passerines constituted the highest 30 species (56% of the total species) belonging to 15 families and 23 genera and non-passerine represented 27 species (44% of the total species) belonging to 13 families and 20 genera. Among the total species recorded during the study period 47 (82.46%) were resident bird species and 10 (17.54%) were migratory species. Identified birds’ abundances, richness and threats to them were also discussed in this article.

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