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The survey on visitors of Bhawal National Park reveals that picnicking was the
highest participated outdoor recreation activity (79.62%), and sightseeing was the
second highest activity (12.83%) with respect to all socio-economic variables viz.
gender, age, education, and income. Male visitors (82.26%) are higher than the
female visitors (17.74%). Age-groups of 26-35 and 16-25 years are more interested
in participating outdoor recreation activities which are 40.38% and 35.09% respectively.
Participation in outdoor recreation activities increases with the increase of
education level. Majority of the visitors are from middle class (47.19%) and high
middle class (24.34%). Visitors from all gender, age, education level and class
participate in outdoor recreation activities in Bhawal National Park. So, development
of proper planning and scientific management of outdoor recreation facilities
of the park are needed in order to ensure sustainable benefits to the visitors.

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