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The study was conducted at Bangladesh Forest Research Institute, Chattogram
to assess the effect of different growing media on germination and growth of
Dipterocarpus turbinatus and Artocarpus chama seedlings in the nursery. The
media used in the experiment were T1: Soil and Cow dung (3:1), T2 : Cocomoss/
processed coir dust and T3: Processed saw dust. Experiment was conducted by
using Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with five replications of each
three media. Germination percentage, survival percentage and growth
performance of both species were recorded and analyzed. The result showed
that the highest germination percentage (78%) of Dipterocarpus turbinatus in
T3 and highest survival % in T1 while T2 had shown the highest rate of height
(28.5cm), root collar diameter (3.8 mm), leaf number (10) and root length
(30.2cm) of seedlings of D. turbinatus. On the other hand, highest rate of
germination percentage (82%), survival percentage (78%), height (32.5cm),
root collar diameter (4.52 mm), leaf number (9.0) and root length (29.7cm) for
seedlings of A. chama also found in T2 media than two others media T1 and T3.
Both species showed the highest growth performance in T2. The findings also
explored T2 as a good quality co-supplement and substitute of T1 media for
raising the seedlings of selected species in the nursery.

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