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Agar defoliator, Heortia vitessoides Moore (Crambidae:Lepidoptera) is a major defoliator of agar
tree (Aquilaria malaccensis Lamk.) in Bangladesh. The larva of this pest causes partial or complete
defoliation affecting the growth of the plant seriously. The pest has five to six overlapping generations in
a year. The peak infestation occurred during May-June. The mean percentage of trees infested ranged
from 48-72 %. The intensity of attack was more in the trees grown in the open than under shade.
Chemical pesticides Malathion 57 EC (malathion), Ripcord 10 EC (cypermethrin) and botanical pesticide
Neem oil were applied to control the pest both in the laboratory and field conditions. Among these,
Malathion 57 EC showed best performance followed by Ripcord 10 EC and Neem oil respectively.

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